Saturday, November 5, 2011

People StyleWatch's 1st Annual Denim Awards!

People StyleWatch's 1st Annual Denim Awards!

The November issue of People StyleWatch has hit the news stands and it is one that you denim lovers will not want to miss. It features the awesome Zoe Saldana (Colombiana, Avatar and more) on the cover but most importantly, to me at least, it includes their first annual Denim Awards!!!

Over 700 pairs were tested in order to come up with 25 winners. The categories include best butt boost (WOO WOO!), sexiest, best for work, most slimming and more.
Shout out to People StyleWatch for sending me a sneak peek of the cover shown below:

I had the pleasure of communicating with  People Style Watch's Senior Market Editor, Marissa  Rubin, who was kind enough to answer a few questions.

 1. What made People StyleWatch decide to acknowledge denim in such a big way this year?

We’ve always acknowledged denim.  In fact, we’ve given more denim credits than any other fashion monthly.  It’s part of our core DNA, as well as a staple in our reader’s wardrobe—they live in their jeans!  Therefore, this felt like a natural progression to kick off an annual denim awards blowout that would offer great service to our reader’s and really stake our claim in the denim market.

2. The idea of having to try on 700 pairs of jeans and picking out my favorites sounds like fashion heaven to me but what was it like for you more normal people?
We had over 40 people try on the 700 pairs—most of whom do not work directly in fashion—and they were BEYOND THRILLED to participate.  Many said, “it was like having a department store come to them.”  When you think about it, most people have a favorite brand (and usually a style within it) and never stray to try something new—possibly something better.  But through our try-ons, everyone discovered a new jean—and the majority went out and purchased them right after!!!  
3. Were those of you responsible for picking the best jeans all around the same body type or were different shapes and sizes represented?
Our try-on subjects were all different shapes and sizes.  We had petites, plus, athletic, curvy, boyish, pear, tall, etc represented within each category to make sure that the results were accurate across a wide-range of physiques.  What was astonishing was that there was always a clear winner/favorite amongst the varying body types and sizes.  We truly found universally flattering jeans!!!
4. Were there any jeans that you just loved that did not make the list?
No.  But I had predictions that a certain jean would win in a specific category, and it wouldn’t even place.  Yet then it’d be considered for another category and win.  It was unbelievable how everything ultimately came together
I was sweating just imagining myself getting to judge hundreds of pairs of jeans. Jean Tester would definitely be my dream job but I have yet to see that job title listed on Career Builder.

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