Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pajama Jeans... Really?

Pajama Jeans...Really?

I was flipping through channels this morning while my kids were brushing their teeth when I happened to stop on the Home shopping Network. The slick sales lady-you know the one who pretends to be your friend but then you realize that she can't be your friend because her sole job is to separate you from your money- mentioned that HSN had sold over 24,000 pairs of, get this, Pajama Jeans.

Apparently women across the country are interested in looking good and being comfortable at the same time. The absolute nerve of them. In french the saying is "pour etre belle il faux souffrire"
Which translates to "To be beautiful one must suffer." I never liked or believed in that saying but I'm not sure that I'm ready to wear PJ jeans.

Anyway here is a little info about them.

*They come in bootleg or skinny
*They have no pockets or zippers
*They are made of a cotton and spandex blend called DormiSoft
*They come complete with brass rivets to give them the jean look.
*They are supposed to be incredibly comfortable
*They cost around $40

The model looks pretty good in them but I might be a little too denim obsessed to try these out.

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