Friday, October 28, 2011

American Apparel's New Jeans For Men

American Apparel's New Jeans For Men

American Apparel just launched their first-ever men's jean that they've added to their popular women's denim collection.

The jeans are called Regular Fit 100 and they were designed, cut sewed and washed in American Apparel's facility in Los Angeles.

According to George Atlan, Director of Denim at American Apparel, the Regular Fit 100s are a "truly authentic pair of jeans" which "the market has lacked for a long time."

They are meant to be worn at the ankles according to the American Apparel website. (Yikes!)

Here are a few photos of AA's women's denim collection. 

                                                                Denim Circle Skirt
                                                                    Denim Disco Pant

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