Saturday, July 2, 2011

Comparison Shopping The Easy Way

I was online searching for a pair of, reasonably priced, Seven jeans and the search had me a bit frustrated. I don't own a single pair of them because the few pairs that I tried on either were too expensive or did not flatter my figure as well as I had hoped they would but I decided that if the price was right I'd give Sevens another shot.

I happened on a comparison shopping site called Canada Post, Yes as in the our neighbors to the north, and I was surprised to find Seven jeans for as low as $63.00! I was excited because I could actually afford them and the the stores that carried them were in the U.S.

They are a pair of skinny stretch jeans and skinny's usually look great on me, especially in a dark wash.

Since I was also in the market for a pair of casual cargo shorts for my hubby, he's off for the summer and needs to learn how to relax, I figured I might as well search for them on the sight as well. It saved me from spending a mint on gas going from store to store looking for them.  I found the pair below and there were quite a few to choose from.

The site address is It's a serious time saver.

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