Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wrangler Invites Denim Lovers To Design Jeans

Wrangler Invites Denim lovers To Design Jeans

Wrangler is inviting all denim lovers to submit their ideas for the design of the first pair of jeans for the launch of Next Blue by Wrangler. Next Blue is a limited-edition collection of blue jeans launching this fall and every one of us has an opportunity to have a say in what the first pair of jeans will look like. There is the option of submitting a video describing a unique jean idea or the option of voting for the idea that you like the best.
The winner will receive $5,000 and bragging rights. Imagine being able to tell the world that you were the designer of the first pair of jeans in Wranglers Next Blue collection!

To enter you must upload your short but compelling video descibing your unique jean idea  by March 29, 2011 to NextBlue.com.
I've gotta go borrow a video camera from someone quick!

Good luck guys!!!

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