Monday, March 28, 2011

Amazing Denim Repair

Amazing Denim Repair

I just found a site called Denim Therapy that, based on the before and after pics on their site, does a wonderful job repairing your favorite jeans. They say that they don't just fix jeans they "rebuild relationships". I can really relate to that because I have a very good relationship with all of my favorite jeans I don't want any rips coming between us.

The web address is and they charge $7 per inch to repair your jeans. You just send them the jeans and they will send them back in two to three weeks. They are based in my hometown of Brooklyn New York and the shipping is around $12 for the first pair and $6 for each additional pair. They even fix jeans for jean lovers who live abroad and the shipping is around $18 per pair.

Since some of us have paid well over $100 for our jeans the cost seems well worth it. I have a pair of 1921's that need mending. Hmmm...

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