Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trendy VS Personal Style

Trendy VS Personal Style

Okay, so what's more important, wearing the hottest trend or showing off your creativity by sporting your own personal style?

I know how great it feels to be wearing something that the masses considers fashionable and makes you appear to be in the know but don't you get a bigger bang when you look awesome in an outfit that the majority of people would never have thought to put together?

I enjoyed the times when I went to work wearing an outfit that I created based solely on what I like and then a few days later I spied some ladies wearing a close variation of the outfit. Loved that!

This season the hot trends in jeans are supposed to be the flare legs and bell bottoms. Who the heck decided that? I absolutely hate bell bottoms unless they fall somewhere between the knee and the anlkle and I don't like flare leg jeans unless they are worn with heels and are hemmed high enough to see the heels but the traditional flare legs and bell bottoms are my biggest jean nightmare after high waisted jeans.

                                    Seven For All Mankind in vintage California

Am I supposed to wear flare leg jeans because some fashion guru had extra jean material and decided that flare leg was the way to go? Heck to the no!!!

Should people with gorgeous legs put away mini skirts because someone with stretch marks decides that mini skirts aren't in? Alright so I'm not absolutely sure how the traditional trendmakers decide what is trendy but I do know that Katie Holmes threw on a pair of Tom Cruises jeans and rolled them up at the bottom and started the boyfriend jean trend all on her own. She didn't wait for some out of touch fashion guru to tell her what to wear.

Go out and express yourself by wearing what looks good on you. Be creative and start the next sexy trend. Creativity is sexy as heck so do the damn thang!

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