Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Lips

The Christmas season is upon us and everyone, including me, is in a festive mood. To celebrate my holiday spirit I am going to make sure that I look as good as I feel. I finally got the True Religion jeans that I wanted and at a great price and now I am going to get some great make-up to ensure that I look fab-u-lous. I am going to be showing off my best holiday lips.

I checked out Nars cosmetics who have a ridiculous amount of options to promote soft, kissable holiday lips. Whether you are the low key type who prefers soft subtle shades or the high drama mama who wants shiny lips that demand attention or anywhere in between consider visiting

They offer lipstick that comes in a variety of pretty shades in either satin, semi-matte, or sheer.  Some of the sheer choices looked like they were sprinkled with pixie dust by Tinker Belle herself.

They also offer lip lacquer which they say is made of a high shine formula with great ingredients like vitamin A, vitamin E and natural oils.

You can also choose a lipgloss which comes in a tube with a wand in gorgeous shiny colors.

All three of these lip coverage options cost $24.00 each. If money was not an issue there are least 15 different shades that I would like to try out. Since it is I'll probably have to narrow it down to three. C'est la vie.
Pretty holiday lips here I come!

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