Monday, November 1, 2010

Improve Your Rear View

I'm always writing ways to make sure your rear looks great in jeans but what about your top half? Sometimes when I wear a tight fitting shirt I'm unhappy with the bra lines that inevitably rear their ugly little heads.
Luckily a little fashion bird made me aware of shapewear called Shapeez. The website is and they boast that Shapeez is the "end of visible bra lines and back fat"! That sounds extremely promising to me because I have actually had to put a few sexy tops back on the rack because they looked less than impressive from the back.

According to the site the seamless shapewear is designed to not only smooth out your back it also gives your boobs a lift and eliminates the dreaded muffin top for all around smoothness. That's all a fashionable girl could ever ask for.

Shapeez  is quite pricey ranging from $75-$110 but according to the testimonials it is worth the money. Some have gone as far as to say that it is the best bra they've ever worn and that they would never buy another.

I'm seriously considering scraping my pennies together to give Shapeez a try.


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