Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Robin's Jean Jeans and Leggings: Can You Handle The Attention?

Robin's Jean, created by french designer Robin Chretien has finally launched a website.  The jeans are very unique, attention getters thanks to the sexy fit and the considerable amount of bling on the back pockets. They often have the racy winged logo emblazoned above the back pockets in shiny silver or gold thread and are often heavily studded. They offer some more conservative styling but if you have the confidence and can handle your sexy, you might as well enjoy the head turning that you and your hot jeans will definitely cause.

When I attended fashion trade shows in NYC, Robin's booth was always jam-packed with buyers but only a certain, adventurous personality type will have the... guts to actually purchase and wear these. I have three pairs and I love them.

Many of my readers have come to the site in search of the Robin's Leggings. Below are photos of the latest  leggings styles.

The price range for these jeans is from $189-$459. (ouch!)

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