Friday, August 27, 2010

Denim Review: Curve Appeal

This is my first denim review and I have the pleasure of kicking off this new aspect of Designer Denim Science with a bang!

Curve Appeal is a brand new denim line created by the Mamiye Group that caters to the real women and encourages them to embrace their curves. The line was launched earlier this month at Nordstrom department stores and retails at an affordable $88-$98 a pair. The line is actually called denim shapewear and is the first of its kind. Women of all ages and body types will appreciate these thigh-slimming, bum-lifting jeans.

The jeans are currently available in three styles: Enchanting Skinny, Captivating Bootcut and Gorgeous Straight Leg and they come in a variety of washes. I had the good fortune of test driving a pair of Enchanting Skinnys in a dark blue.

I knew that Curve Appeal was on to something when my husband offered to take me to the movies on a week night and made one request:  "wear the new jeans you just got." If you know anything about me you know that I am denim-obsessed and that I have upwards of 100 pairs of great fitting premium jeans in my closet so for him to make that request is a big deal.

                                                                                                                               me in the jeans
*The jeans are extremely comfortable
* The skinny jeans are not so narrow at the ankles that you can barely stick your foot through them.
*The comfortable stretchy waistband allows you to enjoy a satisfying meal without having to unbutton the top button. (What? everybody deserves a satisfying meal)
* The dark blue wash is mesmerizing.
*The patented bottom booster really seems to work, and we all know that the rear view is what separates the sexy jeans from the work around the house jeans.
* Head Turnability: HIGH


The only con is that the tummy flattening panels felt a bit bulky to me and I was worried that they would also look bulky but in actuality the mirror did not reflect what I was feeling and the front of the jeans looked natural and flat.
I think I'm just not used to wearing shapewear and as the evening progressed I got used to the extra support.


Hooray for Curve Appeal!
My Enchanting Skinny Curve Appeal jeans are keepers and for $88-$98 I am going to pack up the kids and head to mall to try on the bootcuts and the straight legs.


  1. If these actually flatten my stomach I'm sold.

    You are wearin' those jeans by the way:)

  2. Looking good lady!

    Love your blog, I love rocking my jeans as well. I have IDK how many pair!

    Newest follower from Hope you stop by and visit me soon :)