Friday, April 23, 2010

Tis The Denim Mini Skirt And Shorts Season

The days are getting longer and the and the weather is getting consistenly warmer. If you haven't already, It is definitely time to start shedding the last of your cold weather wear and start transitioning to less bulky options. Go on, pull out the warm weather clothing that you packed away in bins and the back of your closets. May is almost here and before you know it you'll be at the market getting hot dogs and watermellon for your Memorial day weekend cook out.

Denim skirts, shorts and even dresses are hot this season. Here are a few cool pieces that are sure to help you start the season off right.

Replace your heavier coat with a denim jacket like this one from Guess.

click on photo for details
click on photo for details

Denim shorts are also hot this season:

click on photo for details

This Cute white hat from Goorin Bros. will help shade you from the sun with style.

click on photo for details
Good bye wool hats and scarves-hello sunglasses, mini skirts and flip flops!

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