Thursday, February 11, 2010

Denim Trends For 2010

This year promises to be another great year for denim and you know that I'm excited about it. Designers have revealed their denim collections for the spring/summer season and they include the following denim styles:

1. Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans were expected to leave the scene this year but they are still hot with designers and fashionistas everywhere.

see previous post on Boyfriend Jeans

2. Denim Leggings

Denim leggings are a hit with the Hollywood A-listers and with the neighborhood stars as well.

see previous post on denim leggings

3. Motorcycle Jeans

Motorcycle jeans are skinny jeans with extra detailing and character that are often made to appear to have knee pads in them.

4. Denim Jumpers and dresses-

Denim jumpers, shorts and dressed were all over the runways for the 2010 Spring/Summer season.

5. Destroyed denim
Jeans with exaggerated rips and holes.

6. Denim on Denim-

Denim on denim which has often, been considered a fashion faux pas by many, is big in the runway for the 2010 Spring/Summer season. Check out my previous post where I defend the fashionista's right to wear double denim.


  1. I used to think that the denim suit aka denim on denim was a crime but the outfit you have pictured is gorgeous!

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