Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Fashion Community Responds to The Crisis In Haiti

I can't begin to express how extremely proud and appreciative I am of the United States and the international community's outpouring of support, help and compassion towards Haiti. As I mentioned previously, both of my parents were born there and Haiti will always, hold a special place in my heart because, two of the best parents a girl could ever ask for, were raised there.
For as long as I can remember, Haiti has been in desperate need of assistance but now that the the need has escalated to the critical level, the world has responded in a big way. I, of course, wish that this disaster had never happened but I'm hopeful that all of this pain and suffering will be replaced by something good, maybe even something great and Haiti will finally be able to live up to it's full potential.

I have been unable to write about anything related to fashion since the tragedy until today. I am happy to announce that the fashion community has been doing their part to help the, battered, island nation in a variety of ways.

Here is a small sampling of the fashion communities response to the crisis that I got from Rachel Strugatz' column at the :

1. Luis Vuitton donated $100,000 on behalf of the company and it's employees to assist the Haitian Red Cross with purchasing supplies.

2. Calvin Klein is matching contributions of it's employees and is making a
corporate donation to Save The Children and more.

3. Ralph Lauren is donating clothing through Fashion Delivers.

4. Havaiainas sent footwear to Haiti via Soles4Souls and is donating a percentage of sales to the Red Cross.

5. MAC Cosmetics has donated $125,000 to three organizations in Haiti who will deliver medical care, food and supplies.

Many other fashion designers are donating a percentage of their sales and/or hosting benefits to help Haiti get on the road to recovery.

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