Monday, December 28, 2009

What Makes Premium Denim So...Premium

During these trying economic times it is difficult to make expensive purchases without weighing the financial pros and cons. Is it worth it to pay for premium denim when you can, usually, buy less expensive jeans just about anywhere?

That is a question that anyone contemplating buying a pair has to answer individually, based on their personal financial situation and their priorities. I, of course, will happily offer my two cents on the matter.

Premium Denim and Regular Denim: Is there Really A Difference?

The answer is a resounding Yes! Having owned a premium denim boutique I can attest to the fact that there is are differences between premium denim and regular denim jeans. Here is a concise list of the differences.

Superior Material- most premium denim is made from superior more expensive, denim usually made in Japan, Italy or the United States.

Superior Styling- The makers of premium denim have the styling down to a science. There is nothing arbitrary about the pocket placement or washes that they use on every pair of jeans and it shows when you put them on. properly placed pockets can give the illusion of a rounder perkier butt without surgery. What can be better than that? Darker coloring around the thighs appears to shave inches off of you in all the right places. How much would you pay for that? Premium jeans are also often hand distressed and treated to get the desired unique look that many premium jeans have.

Superior Fit- The combination of flawless material and the scientific styling come together to create a more perfect fitting jean. When it comes to jeans, fit is everything and I have yet to come across a pair of regular jeans that fit me as well as my premium jeans do.

Confidence "Boostability" - Confidence usually comes from within but a few outward things like a great hairstyle and an amazing outfit can help to boost your confidence even more. Premium jeans definitely have confidence "boostability".

What About the High Price Tag?

If money is an issue for you as it usually is for me, I suggest outlet shopping or raiding the clearance rack. I paid only $40 for my first pair of Premium denim. It was a pair of James Jeans and when I looked at myself in the three way mirror I was extremely pleased with what I saw. I appeared taller, thinner and best of all, my butt looked amazing! I rushed to the cash register before they realized that I would be willing to pay double that price to look that great.

Cost Over Time-Premium jeans will quickly replace your favorite pair of jeans and you will be wearing them often which guarantees that you will get your money's worth.

Premium Denim vs Regular Denim
I visited and they used the photos below of supermodel Alessandra Abrosio to make the case for the superiority of.premium denim

CAUTION- You can easily become addicted to looking great which can, subsequently, lead you to become a premium denim junkie like me. (Yikes!)

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