Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting Ready For Christmas

First, let's not forget that this season is about the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I read some great blog posts from some talented bloggers this morning and they put me in the Christmas spirit. It's nice to be positively influenced.

I am a notorious comparison shoppers-isn't everybody? Well, I found out the hard way that my husband isn't. It seems that my obsession with making sure that I'm getting the best possible deal was driving him nuts, this past weekend. I was completely paralyzed, worrying that somebody had it cheaper or that there would be a buy one get one free sale next week. Missing a buy one get one free sale is a trajedy and I don't have the time to come back and return stuff or get an adjustment.

Anyway, I swallowed hard and forced myself to buy a couple of toys for the kids after visiting three stores!

I thank God every day for sending me such a patient husband. He never complained but the look on his face told a different story. I bet he'll find some excuse to shop without me next weekend.

Maybe he'll pick up those True Religion jeans I was checking out at the outlet store.

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  1. LOL - Yes thank God for patient husbands. My father was like that. He would let my mom shop and compare, and go back and take another look... he was a very patient shopper.

    I however tend to be more like the men in the group. Get in, and get it done! ;)

  2. lol! you are so funny. i just wanted to say that i think it is great that you mentioned the true meaning of christmas before your post. it is so easy to get lost in all the shopping drama, cookies, music, etc. and forget what it is really all about. thank you for that sweet reminder and i hope you get those true religion jeans you wanted!

  3. Thanks Naomi. You are so supportive!

  4. Shopping is what I am dreading this holiday season. It just seems like we give up and end up trading gift cards.

  5. Thanks for the link. I agree about the reason for the season. I'm popping over from mommy Bloggers Club. I am now following. Come check my blog out sometime.

  6. Yes - always pays to shop around...

    we do need reminding of the real reason for Christmas. :)

    Claire McFee
    Organize Your Life Now Blog

  7. My husband is patient too. God knows what he's doing when he puts us together. I hope you get those jeans, Girl. By the way I'm a purse nut & I love checking out your post for new items.