Thursday, November 19, 2009

Designer Bags and Premium Denim: A Match Made In Fashion Heaven

Designer Bags And Premium Denim: A Match Made In Fashion Heaven

There's nothing better than the confidence boost you get when you look fierce from head to toe. You know those special days when you envisioned an outfit in your mind and when you put it on everything just fell in to place. The right shoes, a fabulous top, the head turning denim (of course), and to top it all off, the right designer handbag can have you feeling like the streets of your town, are your own personal runway.

Halle Berry with a Luis Vuitton Leopard Nocturne African Queen Clutch

I love it, when I have the luxury of ditching my Winnie the Pooh baby bag and matching my shoes to my handbags. If I happen to have a matching belt, then the world is mine. There's something empowering about being coordinated every now and then, even if I'm pushing a stroller and the baby bag is safely tucked away in the stroller basket.

I am not suggesting that folks should always match their shoes to their handbags. I believe that fashion is art and that your wardrobe should reflect your personal style as opposed to some arbitrary rules that so called "fashion experts" try to impose on others.

Hollywood's Handbags Of The Moment

It seems like the bigger the better with regard to the handbags that celebs are carrying now.

Here are a few of the current, arm candy, favorites:

Fergie with the coveted Hermes Birkin

Reese Witherspoon with the Bottega Veneta Cabat Tote

Eva Mendes and Freida Pinto with The Bulgari Dahlia

My favorite bag maker is coach. I love the luxurious leather bags and the choice of colors. I, also, love the affordable price points and I am a, big time, outlet shopper and notorious coupon cutter.

Coach Bonnie Foldover Crossbody

Isla Fisher with the Coach Parker Slim Tote


  1. Lovin the handbags!! Wish I could have one of each. Great post and awesome photos as always!!!

  2. I also love the handbags, but I am not an owner of any. My little sister loves them and owns a number of them. She is always going off looking a her next amazing handbag or pair of shoes. :)

  3. I love hand bags and have quite a number of them. That said, I hate changing bags because I almost always end up not being able to find keys, cards, etc.! I usually end up using one bag for months at a time before changing to another one. :)

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  5. My hubby recruited for some shops on Rodeo Drive a while back. He joked about getting me a handbag but never did! I wish he did because I won't go buy one for myself. I actually prefer shopping for the kids - believe it or not!

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