Friday, October 30, 2009

Get Vested And Mix It Up!

Get Vested And Mix It Up!

While I was watching game 1 of the world series (Go Phillies! I am from New York but I live in Philadelphia and the Yanks have won enough)I heard Derek Jeter telling the pitcher to "mix it up". That's how I feel about outfits.

Sometimes we have to mix it up in order to avoid a style rut. Since I love to wear jeans, I have to pair them with some exciting tops and accessories so that I don't look like I'm wearing the same thing all the time. I don't only wear jeans but they are, obviously, my favorite.

Vests look absolutely fabulous with jeans and pants. I love them and there are many different types to choose from including, long ones and short ones made from different materials. Leather, Denim and fur vests are hot this season.

The weekend is a great time to dress it up a bit and let the compliments from your husband and/or friends start rolling in. Black and grey vests are classic pieces that you can wear forever. I am encouraging everyone to "get vested".
Pull out the vests that you have in your closet or Check out the vests below:

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Denim Leggings Trend Alert

The most fashionable celebrities have been spotted wearing the new fall trend-denim leggings.
The best of them, look like skinny jeans but are much more comfortable due to the additional stretch material.

Are These Stretch Jeans OR Leggings That Look Like Jeans?

Well, if you must get technical, it depends on the designer. Some of denim leggings in question, like the True Religion pair below, do not have a stitch of cotton in them which means that they are not denim at all. Other designers are using the a mix of denim and stretch material to achieve the look.

Many premium denim designers believe that this denim legging trend will be with us for the next couple of seasons. I look forward to witnessing where this trend will take us.

I personally prefer the denim leggings which were designed with a commitment to look as much like jeans as possible like the Hudson pair below. I am not in to that smooth look with no pockets like the ones worn by Beyonce above.

Advantage of Denim Leggings
1. The stretch material is more comfortable than regular jeans and shouldn't cause muffin top syndrome.
2. The stretch material should fit snuggly on top of boots or inside of boots depending on your preference.