Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Glamorize Jeans And A Tee Shirt

Glamorize Jeans And A Tee

I love denim because it is extremely versatile. It allows you to, effortlessly, transition from a dress down day with the kids to a flawless evening outfit for an outing with the girls or your favorite guy.

Here are four easy steps that will turn the most basic of outfits; jeans and a t-shirt, into a fabulous ensemble, perfect for a lunch date, a movie date or for anytime you need a little confidence boost.


1. First, start out with a great fitting pair of jeans and your favorite tee.

2. Replace sneakers with a pair of cute flats, heels or boots.

3. Throw on some funky jewelry including a bracelet and earrings.

4. The last and most important step, finish off the look with a great scarf that compliments your outfit.

Celebrity stylists have been using this secret for years, to keep their clients looking smokin' hot even when they are just going grocery shopping.
Tolani Scarves are a celebrity favorite.

This is a great, transition-to-fall, outfit.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jeans For Cool Moms

Jeans For Cool Moms

I feel blessed to be living in a time when being a mom means you can be as hip, cool and attractive as you want to be without being judged. Today's mom is often as youthful, smart, and sexy as she is nurturing, kind and protective.

Taking care of our kids and our families will always be our top priority but most of us are committed to looking good while doing it.

Being a denim lover and a mom, I feel offended when people call high waisted ill fitting, corny jeans, mom jeans. You never see hottie moms like Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez or Kelly Ripa in jeans like those.

Naturally, many of us moms are too conservative to wear extreme low rise jeans that leave little to the imagination . Thankfully, many premium jean makers are making sexy, mid rise, head turning jeans that fit great and make our kids and our partners proud to be seen with us. Though our family members love us unconditionally, they are usually happy when we look good and feel good about ourselves.

You also don't have to be a size zero to find great fitting jeans or to be a hottie.

Jean Suggestions for Hottie Moms

James Hector

Joe's Honey Curvy fit (skinny).


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Folks Still Fanatical About True Religion Jeans

The makers of True Religion brand jeans are not feeling the pinch of the worse financial times in recent history. True Religions stock went up whopping 77% since January while overall apparel sales went down 5%.

What does this all mean?

It means that people are still willing to spend upwards of $180 for a pair of jeans that they consider an investment as long as they look great. People also appreciate that they can wear denim during the day or in the evening, dressed up or dressed
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