Thursday, July 30, 2009

Men In Premium Denim

Men In Premium Denim

Men look great in a nice fitting pair of jeans. I love a nice relaxed fit that is not too baggy worn with a variety of footwear from sneakers to boots on a guy.

How To Get Your Guy In Premium Denim

A comfortable man is a happy man. Most men do not believe in suffering for beauty like many women do so jeans are right up their alley. But how do you get them to pay premium prices for premium denim? Most men would prefer to spend their hard earned dollars on some electronic gadget and wear a $20 pair of Levi's on sale at Sears.

I suggest that you buy him his first pair. If you can get him to shop with you let him pick his favorite pair. If not, surprise him with a style and fit that is similar to his current comfort zone, staying away from anything too flashy, and then point out the improved styling , fit and craftsmanship of the new jeans. Hopefully he'll be hooked like my husband is.

Caution: These jeans can quickly replace his favorite pair. Let him know that you will not be able to pay for this expensive habit.

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