Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Dreaded Muffin Top

The Dreaded Muffin Top

Flesh that bulges over the front, sides or back of your jean waistband is affectionately or not so affectionately known as ''muffin top". Some also call it "dunlap" because your body "dun lapped" over your waistband.

The muffin top is a definite denim faux pas which can be easily avoided.

Check the mirror thoroughly when purchasing jeans. If you find that your belly or love handles are bulging out of the top of the jeans, but they fit you perfectly everywhere else don't fret, their is a solution. You are in need of shapewear that can smooth out the bulges and have you looking smooth sexy and perfect.

I recommend Spanx, which celebrities have been using, forever, to keep their problem spots in check.

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