Thursday, July 30, 2009

Men In Premium Denim

Men In Premium Denim

Men look great in a nice fitting pair of jeans. I love a nice relaxed fit that is not too baggy worn with a variety of footwear from sneakers to boots on a guy.

How To Get Your Guy In Premium Denim

A comfortable man is a happy man. Most men do not believe in suffering for beauty like many women do so jeans are right up their alley. But how do you get them to pay premium prices for premium denim? Most men would prefer to spend their hard earned dollars on some electronic gadget and wear a $20 pair of Levi's on sale at Sears.

I suggest that you buy him his first pair. If you can get him to shop with you let him pick his favorite pair. If not, surprise him with a style and fit that is similar to his current comfort zone, staying away from anything too flashy, and then point out the improved styling , fit and craftsmanship of the new jeans. Hopefully he'll be hooked like my husband is.

Caution: These jeans can quickly replace his favorite pair. Let him know that you will not be able to pay for this expensive habit.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Confidence And Personal Style

Confidence And Personal Style

In order to, fabulously, pull off an outfit, the wearer/artist has to believe in it. When you believe that you look great in an outfit, you hold your head up higher, your strut is sexier and your head turning ability goes up a few notches.

Confidence is always, at least 50% of any outfits success rate. You know, better than anyone, when you look great! Knowing you look great makes you feel great and that in itself leads to outfit success.

If you hired a stylist and they suggested that you wear an outfit that you didn't like or didn't think looked good on you, you wouldn't be able to successfully rock that outfit. You probably wouldn't feel good about yourself while wearing it therefore, it wouldn't work for you.

Confidence is very attractive. Don't leave home without it.

On The Cuff

On The Cuff

Suddenly everyone is embracing cuffing your jeans!

I have always been a notorious jean cuffer. I am 5'5" tall and may of my pairs of jeans are too long unless I am wearing heels. I also love the way jeans look when they are cuffed. It is part of my personal style. Rachel Bilson (far right) looks awesome in her cuffed jeans and sexy footwear.

Some people think that cuffing your jeans is a fashion crime and others think that jeans look best when cuffed especially when they allow you to show off awesome foot wear.

I hate it when, so called, fashion experts make blanket statements like, "curvy girls shouldn't wear skinny jeans" or "never ever cuff your jeans". Who are they to tell you what to do? They act as though their fashion preferences should rule your life. Those same "experts" are now describing the best way to cuff your boyfriend jeans.

Cuffing Tips
After you cuff your jeans, check whether or not you like the way they look in the mirror. Next, test whether or not the cuff will stay in place by walking around before leaving the house. If they do, then you are good to go. If not, try these easy tips:

1. Beat the cuffs into submission by ironing them flat.

2. Use double sided tape to create a real sticky situation.

3. Sew the cuffs in place at the side seams of your jeans if you don't mind a more permanent solution.

Caution: All three of these tips can cause a permanent crease and slight discoloration to form at the cuff site.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Dreaded Muffin Top

The Dreaded Muffin Top

Flesh that bulges over the front, sides or back of your jean waistband is affectionately or not so affectionately known as ''muffin top". Some also call it "dunlap" because your body "dun lapped" over your waistband.

The muffin top is a definite denim faux pas which can be easily avoided.

Check the mirror thoroughly when purchasing jeans. If you find that your belly or love handles are bulging out of the top of the jeans, but they fit you perfectly everywhere else don't fret, their is a solution. You are in need of shapewear that can smooth out the bulges and have you looking smooth sexy and perfect.

I recommend Spanx, which celebrities have been using, forever, to keep their problem spots in check.

Click the link below to purchase a pair:

The slimming celebrity secret - as seen on Oprah. Shop Spanx shapewear at Freshpair!

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Second Look At Boyfriend Jeans

A Second Look At Boyfriend Jeans

I've noticed that a large amount of my readers are interested in Boyfriend Jeans so I decided to put my personal feelings aside and become a resource for readers who are interested in what to wear with boyfriend jeans and where to purchase them.

How to Properly Wear the Boyfriend Jean Trend
The boyfriend jean trend is meant to be worn at the hip area and cuffed at or above the ankles. They can either be worn distressed, clean or somewhere in between.

What To Wear With Boyfriend Jeans
Boyfriend jeans can be successfully paired with tight fitting tees of any color or pretty girly tops to keep the look feminine. If, on the other hand, you want a completely baggy look, they can be paired with a loose tee shirt or over sized top.
The foot wear that you choose to wear also depends on the overall affect that you are trying to achieve.
If you want a feminine look you can pair them with heels or cute sandals of any heel type or even sexy ankle boots.
If you want a more baggy "masculine" with an "e" look, you can pair them with sneakers.

Can Curvy Girls Wear This Trend?

Boyfriend Jeans can be worn by sexy women of all sizes. They are worn loose so they conceal imperfections and the loose fit can even be slimming especially if they are worn with heels.

Where To Get Boyfriend Jeans
Two great places to purchase boyfriend jeans online with a discount:

1. BlueBee Get an Additional 15% off Any Purchase with Code AF15TYat

2. Chick Downtown. Enter VIP10 upon checkout and recieve 10% off all non-sale merchandise @!

As I take a second look at boyfriend jeans I appreciate them more because they are quite flexible and can be worn in a feminine fashion.
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