Saturday, June 13, 2009

Love Those Denim Shorts!

Love Those Denim Shorts

With consistent hot weather on the horizon it is time to help make summer 2009 a memorable one by getting your warm weather wardrobe together. One piece that any true denim lover shouldn't be without are the simple and versatile denim shorts.

They come in cut offs, cuffed, knee length, mid thigh or short shorts. they can be purchased or you can make them out of your own favorite pair of jeans that have become worn in the knees.

Imagine yourself wearing a pair of short cut offs that are frayed at the legs paired with flip flops or flat sandals looking hot at the beach or during ,casual, mall shopping. That's what summer is all about!!!

Since I have a relatively low key personality, my shorter shorts are never tight and my tighter shorts are never very short. Also, if I am showing a lot of leg I am wearing low heels to flat shoes flops, sandals or sneakers. I do not condemn ladies who can pull off the sexy look of heels with short shorts and still keep it classy. I suggest a loose fitting top , e.g. babydoll top or an open vest to classy up the look.


  1. If I had a body guard like most of these celebs I'd wear sexy shorts with heels too:)

  2. Yeah sometimes it feels unsafe to be that hot!