Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Low Rise Denim Wearing Perfection

Low Rise Denim Wearing Perfection

How does one attain low rise denim wearing perfection?

Well it's quite simple. make sure you have the proper accessories to pull it off. As we discussed previously, not all jeans are made for all body types. I believe that all of us were fearfully and wonderfully made because the bible says so therefore all of our bodies are perfect and as they should be. That's not to say that we shouldn't work out or ever try to lose weight but the things that we cannot change like the length of our legs or the shape of our rear ends are things that we can work with and enhance because they are uniquely ours.

How low can you go?

Low rise jeans come in different rise lengths (the measurement of the area from the botton of your zipper to your waist) therefore you must try on different jeans to find out which low rise jeans are right for you. If you are slim with a flat stomach and a smaller rear end you can probably go as low as you like. If you are curvier you'll probably look best in a moderate low rise with more material and stretch in the hip area. Test whether or not you can bend over or sit down in the fitting room mirror without revealing all of your goodies. If you can't, there are some accessories that you can purchase to remedy the situation.

1. You must purchase low rise undies. This applies to everyone no matter what size unless they plan on wearing a top that covers the waist of the jeans.

2. If you have a bit of a bulge in the lower abdomen area and want to avoid, the dreaded muffin top, wear supportive underwear like spanx shapewear.The slimming celebrity secret - as seen on Oprah. Shop Spanx shapewear at Freshpair!

3. Wear a longer, flattering top.

4. Wear an attractive belt that can keep the jeans in place at the waist allowing you to sit down or bend over without revealing your secrets.

5. You be the judge of what is appropriate for you to wear. Some people don't think that low rise jeans are right for women over 25. I disagree. If you are 50 years old with a killer body you can tastefully rock a sexy pair of low rise jeans better than a less fit women who is half your age.

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