Thursday, April 30, 2009

Denim Lingo/Glossary

Denim Lingo/Glossary

Here are some terms that are used when describing denim,or the different parts of a pair of jeans that can be used as a reference:

abrasion: the scraping or running(ripping)of the denim material, usually done with pumice stones.

denim: a sturdy cotton twill most commonly woven with an indigo blue yarn and grey yarn.

finishing : the techniques and processes performed on a garment to give it it's unique appearance.

five pocket jeans : typical jeans with two pockets in the front, two pockets in the back and a coin pocket inside the front right pocket.

indigo : a deep blue dye originally sourced from plants of the genus indigofera and other natural sources. Today it is widely made synthetically.

inseam: the length of the seam on the inside of the pant leg.

rise: refers to the distance from the crotch seam to the top of the waist band.

rivets : metal fasteners usually placed at corners of pockets.

spandex: or elastane is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity.

: the color and texture that is the end result of washing and color dyeing the the jeans.

whiskering : linear wrinkles usually around the hip area, crotch area and behind the knees that add to the jeans unique character.

Terms will probably never use but might want to know anyway

ring spun cotton: stronger cotton produced by an older method of machine spinning cotton into yarn with an emphasis on twisting not just stretching the fibers.

selvedge or selvage denim: is denim made on old style shuttle looms which creates a "self-edge" which is desirable because it will not fray.

shuttle loom : old time machinery used for producing fabric by weaving one set of yarn with another set of yarn.

slub:a term applied to cotton yard that is textured and nubby and not smooth.

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