Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Controversial White Jeans

The controversial White Jeans

White Jeans: Many of us stay away from them because they are not slimming, they attract dirt, they have been deemed only appropriate to wear during the spring and summer seasons and they almost seem to cause spills of various colorful drinks, yet when we see someone wearing the heck out of a hot pair, it almost makes us reconsider.

I say take the plunge and get a pair this spring or pull out the ones that you wrapped in the dry cleaners bag and pushed to the back of your closet. Fashion is all about being fearless and if that means carefully picking your choice of beverage for the day, then so be it. It is definitely worth the sacrifice.

I personally love wearing white because I like the way it looks against my skin but when I do, I take extra precautions: That is the only day that I wear a napkin across my lap when I eat (no girlie girl here). I am careful not to brush up against walls and cars when I walk,
I keep uncovered pens and markers away from my jeans and I carry a plastic supermarket bag in my purse in case I decide to sit on a bench at lunch time.

Look Irresistible In Your White Jeans:

1. Always wear white jeans with flesh colored undies.

2. If you are not a tall, slim, model type consider wearing them with a longer flowing top or babydoll top that skims the top of your thighs.

2. In the summer time, pair them with cute flip flops or sexy sandals that draw some of the attention away from your hips.

3. Wear them with your favorite eye catching jewelry.

Wear White Jeans In Any Season.

Don't ever be a slave to arbitrary fashion rules. White jeans look great when worn with a blazer and boots in autumn or winter.

The key to white pants as with every other article of clothing is to try them on. Especially with the top that you plan to wear them with. The mirror doesn't lie and if you like the way you look in an outfit, you will have the confidence to pull it off in a big way.

I like James Jeans in Ice White. They are made with dry aged , the front pockets are shallower than usual, avoiding the bunched up effect, they have angled back pockets which seem to lift the backside and they have a design on the pocket, leaving a little to the imagination.

Caution: men seem to have an serious attraction to women wearing white. Take note of the increase in head turning that you get when you wear your white jeans.

Is it the color white or is it the confidence?

I bet it's a little bit of both.

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