Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Caring For Your Premium Denim

Caring For Your Premium Denim

After making such a big investment it only makes sense to properly care for your premium denim and have your perfect fitting jeans last as long as possible.


Washing them is a different story. Some denim lovers insist on dry cleaning all of their jeans. Others claim that they don't wash their denim at all (yikes). For the rest of us, who fall somewhere in the middle of those two extremes, here are my suggestions for caring and preserving your premium denim:

- First, always read the label on your jeans in case the designer knows something that we don't know regarding preserving that particular pair of jeans. If the jeans has some complicated embellishments and the label reads "Dry Clean Only", I suggest that you only dry clean. If the wash is a deep Indigo and the label reads "wash with like colors only", then you should follow those directions also.

-Always wash your jeans inside out to minimize fading.

-Use a relatively mild detergent.

-Wash them in cold water.

To Dry Or Not To Dry

Many denim lovers refuse to throw their jeans in a dryer because they believe that the dryer weakens the fabric and causes shrinkage, however, air drying causes the jeans to feel stiff. To combat this problem, jeans can be thrown in the dryer for about ten minutes and then air dried.

I personally, throw my jeans in the dryer after they have been washed and I have had much success caring for them in this manner.


Thankfully, as amazing as the denim fabric, washes and the craftsmanship are, your jeans do not require any special storage methods. You can fold and stack them, hang them up or even drape them over a chair.

In a nut shell, I recommend following any special instructions on the label, otherwise washing cold, inside out and drying however you like.

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