Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Skinny Jeans

Don't be afraid to try skinny jeans on. Surprisingly enough, they look great on a range of body types. The more boyish figure with the smaller hips often look good when they pair their skinny jeans with flats. Curvier women look great when they wear their skinny jeans with heels and a babydoll or empire waist top. The heels also give the illusion of lengthening shorter legs and thinning wider hips.

Skinnys also look hot when worn with boots. They tuck in easily because the legs are already narrow. You can wear them with UGG type flat boots or heeled boots.

Caution: Skinny jeans (or any jeans for that matter) that are tucked into high heeled boots command a lot of, head turning, attention. Wear this style only if you can "handle your sexy".

Experiment with different brands and washes to find your you perfect fit.

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