Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Right Denim For Your Body Type

Not all denim styles are for everyone but everyone can find the denim style that is right for them.

Here are some tips that can help you can use to maximize the good looks that God gave you and minimize any areas that you may not be "thrilled" with since we always find a way complain about our bodies.

Remember: Your body is not the problem, you just have to take the time to find the style of clothing that is right for you.

Shorter legs: Try jeans with a shorter inseam that are bootcut. When worn with heels they elongate the legs.

Joe's Jeans Provocateur or James Jeans Jimmy

Smaller rear end: Jeans with flap pockets or embellished pockets give the appearance of a larger curvier backside.

Curvy with larger rear end: Try jeans with at least 2% stretch that give more room through the hips and butt area and bootcut with pockets. Avoid jeans with a lighter wash at the rear end
and avoid jeans with flap back pockets or no back pockets.

Joe's Jeans Honey Booty fit are a curvy girls best friend.

Larger thighs: Try jeans with a slightly darker wash on the outside of the leg at the thighs. This has a slimming affect.
Smaller hips/ boyish figure: Try Flare jeans or skinny jeans with a lower rise.
Wider hips: Try bootcut or flare jeans in a darker wash.
Larger mid-section: Try a nice mid rise jean like the James Jeans Hector, to the avoid the dreaded muffin top.

Lastly, If you see a pair of jeans that you like, do not be afraid to try them on even if they don't quite match the guidelines mentioned above. These are just tips that I find work for most people but there are some curvy girls, for example, who look awesome in a pair of flap pocket jeans. You'd also be surprised at how many different body types look great in skinny jeans when paired with the right shoes and top. We'll discuss this further in upcoming entries.

Once you've found your perfect premium denim fit you will experience a confidence boost like no other, knowing that you look good both coming and going.

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  1. Thanks for the info, I'm a curvy girl and jeans often fit in the hips and thighs but gap at the waist. I might try on those Joes
    honey booty fit!