Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jean Envy

Jean Envy

Have you ever worn a pair of your jeans that, you thought looked fine until you stood next to or watched someone walk by who was wearing an awesome fitting pair of jeans? That is precisely what happened to me. I got a major case of jean envy while I wore my favorite pair of Express jeans to the movies. You know, from the Express stores at the mall. I loved those jeans and they looked pretty good on me but that darn woman's jeans fit her so perfectly that I was instantly jealous of her.

I'll never forget. It was a warm July night and that woman, in those hot jeans, got more attention than the girls who were wearing cut off shorts and mini skirts. Of course, I was too cool to come out and ask her what she was wearing, so I casually kept my eye on her until I memorized the jeans well enough to go searching for them on line.

That was my first brush with denim greatness. They were Seven For All Mankind jeans.
It turns out that Seven jeans don't really suit me and I don't even own a pair of them but they did send me on a quest to find my personal premium denim style.

Many people are unwilling to pay, what they think are exorbitant prices for premium denim. They don't realize that they will definitely get their money's worth when these premium jeans quicklyreplace whatever their favorite pair of jeans used to be. They will find themselves wearing those jeans over and over again because they love the way those jeans make them feel.

I didn't pay full price for my first pair. My first pair were James jeans. I bought them at an outlet store. I tried them on and fell in love. They seemed minimize my thighs and lift my butt. They gave me the figure that I always wanted, in a way that no other pair of jeans could. How is that possible? You ask. I believe that these designers have designing jeans down to a science.

Now I am the woman, at the movies, looking fierce in my jeans. You can be too. Purchase your first pair on clearance like I did. Then Hit me up, and let me know how it went.

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