Thursday, February 19, 2009

Counterfeit Jeans: A Common Sense Way to Avoid Getting Burned

Counterfeit Jeans: A Common Sense Way To Avoid Getting Burned

There is quite a bit of a stir online regarding the sale of counterfeit premium denim by some unscrupulous retailers online and at some brick and mortar stores. Many of the articles are advising folks to protect themselves by only buying their denim from large department stores.

Though I find it despicable for counterfeiters to attempt to trick people into believing that they are purchasing the genuine article when they aren't, I also don't appreciate the scare tactics that are being used to steer business away from the "little guy". There are many reputable jean bars, boutiques and online "shops" that sell the very same denim and an even wider selection of brands than the department stores and at more reasonable prices.

The Simple Solution:

Buyers need to use their common sense when purchasing denim as they do with other purchases. Never purchase from anyone who does not offer a return policy. Also, try to avoid restocking fees, even though losing $10- $20 is much more bearable than losing the entire cost of the jeans. These jeans are too expensive to be stuck with, if you are not completely satisfied. This is especially true when you are purchasing online and have not tried the merchandise on. A return policy also, gives the buyer an opportunity to inspect the merchandise and verify that the jeans are, in fact, genuine.

When inspecting the jeans look for superior stitching on the inside and outside of the jeans. You should also look for precision pocket placement. If a pocket seems a little off, the jeans are probably fakes.

If you have any doubt, due to poor craftsmanship, return them. There are even some premium denim forums, which I am not affiliated with, where people, who aren't sure that their jeans are legit, send in photos and have the "experts" look them over for free.

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