Monday, December 28, 2009

What Makes Premium Denim So...Premium

During these trying economic times it is difficult to make expensive purchases without weighing the financial pros and cons. Is it worth it to pay for premium denim when you can, usually, buy less expensive jeans just about anywhere?

That is a question that anyone contemplating buying a pair has to answer individually, based on their personal financial situation and their priorities. I, of course, will happily offer my two cents on the matter.

Premium Denim and Regular Denim: Is there Really A Difference?

The answer is a resounding Yes! Having owned a premium denim boutique I can attest to the fact that there is are differences between premium denim and regular denim jeans. Here is a concise list of the differences.

Superior Material- most premium denim is made from superior more expensive, denim usually made in Japan, Italy or the United States.

Superior Styling- The makers of premium denim have the styling down to a science. There is nothing arbitrary about the pocket placement or washes that they use on every pair of jeans and it shows when you put them on. properly placed pockets can give the illusion of a rounder perkier butt without surgery. What can be better than that? Darker coloring around the thighs appears to shave inches off of you in all the right places. How much would you pay for that? Premium jeans are also often hand distressed and treated to get the desired unique look that many premium jeans have.

Superior Fit- The combination of flawless material and the scientific styling come together to create a more perfect fitting jean. When it comes to jeans, fit is everything and I have yet to come across a pair of regular jeans that fit me as well as my premium jeans do.

Confidence "Boostability" - Confidence usually comes from within but a few outward things like a great hairstyle and an amazing outfit can help to boost your confidence even more. Premium jeans definitely have confidence "boostability".

What About the High Price Tag?

If money is an issue for you as it usually is for me, I suggest outlet shopping or raiding the clearance rack. I paid only $40 for my first pair of Premium denim. It was a pair of James Jeans and when I looked at myself in the three way mirror I was extremely pleased with what I saw. I appeared taller, thinner and best of all, my butt looked amazing! I rushed to the cash register before they realized that I would be willing to pay double that price to look that great.

Cost Over Time-Premium jeans will quickly replace your favorite pair of jeans and you will be wearing them often which guarantees that you will get your money's worth.

Premium Denim vs Regular Denim
I visited and they used the photos below of supermodel Alessandra Abrosio to make the case for the superiority of.premium denim

CAUTION- You can easily become addicted to looking great which can, subsequently, lead you to become a premium denim junkie like me. (Yikes!)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Today is the day that we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I wonder what He thinks about the way we celebrate it.

I'm sure that He is dismayed by the way we have turned His birthday in to such a commercial holiday when we spend more money than time on the ones we love.

Hopefully He is proud of the many, who use this opportunity as a time to give to the less fortunate and to shower friends, family members and neighbors with kindness and love.

I have been the recipient of quite a few good wishes, kind words and friendly smiles during this festive holiday season. If only people were more like this all of the time, myself included.
My New Year's resolution is to be friendlier all year round. I believe that friendlier people are happier people and probably healthier people too.
My Grown Christmas Wish For You
My grown up Christmas wish for you is to have happiness, peace, good health and an abundance of love for you and all of your family and friends. God bless you and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Best Footwear For Your Favorite Style Jeans

The Best Footwear For Your Favorite Style Jeans

A perfectly good outfit can be ruined if it isn't matched with the correct footwear. I've taken the guess work out of pairing the right footwear with different jean styles. Consider it a cheat sheet of sorts, in case you are ever at loss as to what type of shoes to wear with your jeans.

Bootcut jeans- look great with boots (surprise!) and all types of heels (wedge, stilettos etc..)

Skinny jeans & Leggings- look great with heels, flats ankle boots, sandals, flip flops and tucked into knee high boots.

straight leg jeans- look great with heels, sneakers, flip flops, sandals and flats.

Wide Leg jeans -look great with heels ( I love them with wedge heels)

A Common Sense Note About Sneakers and Flats

Sneakers and flats look great with any style jean as long as they are the correct length. If they are too long they will probably drag on the ground and you will ruin the hem.

I think sneakers look best with straight leg jeans. I personally cannot wear sneakers with skinny jeans because they would make my feet look huge.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

I have just received a my first blog award from a gifted fellow blogger, Mommylicious !

I can't believe how excited I am about it. You would think I was going to make my first appearance on a red carpet in Hollywood.

My Acceptance Speech

I would like to give a special shout out and thank you to Mommylicious for bestowing this award upon me. I didn't think I'd ever get one of these since I don't blog about my family life as much as some of the other mommy bloggers. I promise to remember how good it felt to receive this award and never take it for granted.

Picking fifteen blogs to bless with this award was a more difficult task than I expected it to be. So many of the bloggers that I read regularly are gifted writers who are extremely knowledgeable and generous enough to share their knowledge, their hopes and their dreams with everyone. They are also very caring, constantly praying for others, volunteering their time, sharing recipes and parenting tips and tricks and funny stories.

I chose to award bloggers who are passionate about what they are blogging about. I even chose one that is written mostly in Spanish but the English posts were very moving.

I am happy to award the One Lovely Blog Award, in no particular order, to :

1. The Self love Project

2. Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip

3. Unstoppable Spirit

4. Write Moms

5. At Home With Heather

6. The Pretty Princess

7. Mama Latina Tips

8. The Wellens Family

9. Super Mom Place

10. Green Meadow Lane Custom Art Decor

11. Help! Mama Remote...

12. Garden Of Many

13. Beach Betty PR

14. This Is Just Me And My Little World

15. Life Of A Work At Home Mom

Award Rules

1. Accept the award and place it on your blog
2. Include a link back to the blog you received it from.
3. Pass the award to fifteen blogs you enjoy.
4. Be sure to contact them to let them know they have been awarded.

Huge Surprise

As I was searching for the right blogs to award, I found that I received a second award from another fellow blogger. What an awesome surprise.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Express Your Holiday Style With Accessories

All holidays are "working" holidays for moms when they are entertaining at home. I have come to embrace this fact and it is my honor to cook, serve, with help of course, and entertain my family members and friends.

The key is to dress accordingly. The outfit that I wear must be functional as well as fabulous and comfort is a necessity.

This Christmas, I already have my outfit all planned out. I'm going to wear a pair of... you guessed it, jeans. They will be a dressier, great fitting, dark pair called Robin's Silver Wings as shown below, in case of minor gravy stains and I'll pair them with a plain white button up blouse. Sounds pretty basic but a basic outfit is a perfect "canvas" on which you can put your individual style signature, using awesome accessories.

Holiday Accessorizing Perfection

First, I am going to wear a black crop vest over the white blouse. As mentioned in a previous post, vests are a classy way to upgrade a plain top. I am going to wear a pair of heels which look amazing with straight leg jeans because they seem to “hug” the shoes at just the right spot.

Top It Off With Jewelry

To top it all off, I'm going to pull out my favorite jewellery. The holidays are a great time wear your favorite pieces. Jewelry gives you a wonderful way to express your personality and mood. You can wear a small, elegant pair of earrings with small stones and a matching pendant. Or you can just overdose on shiny bangles , a chain with a large pendant and a pair of hoop earrings or anywhere in between.

I like the chain and pendant below. If I owned one I would wear it as a choker with the top button or two of my blouse undone to show it off.

Fashion is a great way to have fun and express yourself and the holidays are a perfect time to show off your unique style.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stylish Ideas From Fashion Sites

I had the pleasure of visiting a great fashion website called Fashion Confidential. It is based in the UK and the fashions are fabulous. There is even a fashion magazine within the site! The site has been online for three years but the magazine was just launched this past September. The best part is that accessing the magazine is completely free.

As you can imagine, I am in my glory as I peruse the “pages “ of the site, which are very well laid out and easy to navigate. The site connects you with the latest collections from the hottest designers all while using catchy titles like, Christian Laboutin:King OF Sole. There are plenty of high end multi-strap shoes , little black dresses and handbags.

But where are the jeans?

Thankfully, there are jeans all over the site. Brands like Jbrand, Current Elliot, True Religion, Paige and Seven For All Mankind. The site links readers to the exact website where they can purchase these awesome finds.

My absolute favorite was the pair below.

Current Elliott- The Legging Jeans

I love the leggings paired with the hot ankle boots. Now I know exactly how I will wear my jean leggings when I finally get them. My ankle boots are not quite as sexy though.

There is an entire section devoted to bargain hunters. It compiles sales information for mostly UK online sellers.

That is the best thing about this site. It is a wonderful resource for outfit ideas. Some of the outfits reminded me of things that I already have in my closet. If you are a busy mom like I am, or just short on time, online fashion sites are a convenient way to keep up with the latest fashion trends.
There is no need to wonder what to wear during the holidays and beyond.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting Ready For Christmas

First, let's not forget that this season is about the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I read some great blog posts from some talented bloggers this morning and they put me in the Christmas spirit. It's nice to be positively influenced.

I am a notorious comparison shoppers-isn't everybody? Well, I found out the hard way that my husband isn't. It seems that my obsession with making sure that I'm getting the best possible deal was driving him nuts, this past weekend. I was completely paralyzed, worrying that somebody had it cheaper or that there would be a buy one get one free sale next week. Missing a buy one get one free sale is a trajedy and I don't have the time to come back and return stuff or get an adjustment.

Anyway, I swallowed hard and forced myself to buy a couple of toys for the kids after visiting three stores!

I thank God every day for sending me such a patient husband. He never complained but the look on his face told a different story. I bet he'll find some excuse to shop without me next weekend.

Maybe he'll pick up those True Religion jeans I was checking out at the outlet store.

If you're an online shopper looking for great deals, check out

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Designer Bags and Premium Denim: A Match Made In Fashion Heaven

Designer Bags And Premium Denim: A Match Made In Fashion Heaven

There's nothing better than the confidence boost you get when you look fierce from head to toe. You know those special days when you envisioned an outfit in your mind and when you put it on everything just fell in to place. The right shoes, a fabulous top, the head turning denim (of course), and to top it all off, the right designer handbag can have you feeling like the streets of your town, are your own personal runway.

Halle Berry with a Luis Vuitton Leopard Nocturne African Queen Clutch

I love it, when I have the luxury of ditching my Winnie the Pooh baby bag and matching my shoes to my handbags. If I happen to have a matching belt, then the world is mine. There's something empowering about being coordinated every now and then, even if I'm pushing a stroller and the baby bag is safely tucked away in the stroller basket.

I am not suggesting that folks should always match their shoes to their handbags. I believe that fashion is art and that your wardrobe should reflect your personal style as opposed to some arbitrary rules that so called "fashion experts" try to impose on others.

Hollywood's Handbags Of The Moment

It seems like the bigger the better with regard to the handbags that celebs are carrying now.

Here are a few of the current, arm candy, favorites:

Fergie with the coveted Hermes Birkin

Reese Witherspoon with the Bottega Veneta Cabat Tote

Eva Mendes and Freida Pinto with The Bulgari Dahlia

My favorite bag maker is coach. I love the luxurious leather bags and the choice of colors. I, also, love the affordable price points and I am a, big time, outlet shopper and notorious coupon cutter.

Coach Bonnie Foldover Crossbody

Isla Fisher with the Coach Parker Slim Tote

Friday, November 13, 2009

Robin's Jean's New Black Leggings

I am sorry to report that people have begun to refer to jean leggings as "jeggings". I hate the term and I vow not to embrace it but It is my duty to keep my readers in the know.

I am, however, happy to report that, one of my favorite jean makers, Robin's Jean-yes it's jean not jeans (the designer is Robin Chretien from France)-has unveiled his take on the jean legging and they look great.

Click here to see more Robins Jeans

What To Wear With Denim Leggings
Denim leggings can be tastefully worn with heels as shown above or tucked into flat or heeled boots. They look great with with blazers and longer flowing tops for those of you who are more conservative or even with a blouse tucked in or out. The effect is very similar to skinny jeans.

These particular jeans are available at Bluebee
Use the link below to receive free shipping:

Receive Free Shipping on Orders of $100 or more at

See also:  Robin's Jean-Jean and Leggings: Can You Handle The Attention?
               Denim Leggings At An Affordable Price

Friday, October 30, 2009

Get Vested And Mix It Up!

Get Vested And Mix It Up!

While I was watching game 1 of the world series (Go Phillies! I am from New York but I live in Philadelphia and the Yanks have won enough)I heard Derek Jeter telling the pitcher to "mix it up". That's how I feel about outfits.

Sometimes we have to mix it up in order to avoid a style rut. Since I love to wear jeans, I have to pair them with some exciting tops and accessories so that I don't look like I'm wearing the same thing all the time. I don't only wear jeans but they are, obviously, my favorite.

Vests look absolutely fabulous with jeans and pants. I love them and there are many different types to choose from including, long ones and short ones made from different materials. Leather, Denim and fur vests are hot this season.

The weekend is a great time to dress it up a bit and let the compliments from your husband and/or friends start rolling in. Black and grey vests are classic pieces that you can wear forever. I am encouraging everyone to "get vested".
Pull out the vests that you have in your closet or Check out the vests below:

or click on box below

Monday, October 5, 2009

Denim Leggings Trend Alert

The most fashionable celebrities have been spotted wearing the new fall trend-denim leggings.
The best of them, look like skinny jeans but are much more comfortable due to the additional stretch material.

Are These Stretch Jeans OR Leggings That Look Like Jeans?

Well, if you must get technical, it depends on the designer. Some of denim leggings in question, like the True Religion pair below, do not have a stitch of cotton in them which means that they are not denim at all. Other designers are using the a mix of denim and stretch material to achieve the look.

Many premium denim designers believe that this denim legging trend will be with us for the next couple of seasons. I look forward to witnessing where this trend will take us.

I personally prefer the denim leggings which were designed with a commitment to look as much like jeans as possible like the Hudson pair below. I am not in to that smooth look with no pockets like the ones worn by Beyonce above.

Advantage of Denim Leggings
1. The stretch material is more comfortable than regular jeans and shouldn't cause muffin top syndrome.
2. The stretch material should fit snuggly on top of boots or inside of boots depending on your preference.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Glamorize Jeans And A Tee Shirt

Glamorize Jeans And A Tee

I love denim because it is extremely versatile. It allows you to, effortlessly, transition from a dress down day with the kids to a flawless evening outfit for an outing with the girls or your favorite guy.

Here are four easy steps that will turn the most basic of outfits; jeans and a t-shirt, into a fabulous ensemble, perfect for a lunch date, a movie date or for anytime you need a little confidence boost.


1. First, start out with a great fitting pair of jeans and your favorite tee.

2. Replace sneakers with a pair of cute flats, heels or boots.

3. Throw on some funky jewelry including a bracelet and earrings.

4. The last and most important step, finish off the look with a great scarf that compliments your outfit.

Celebrity stylists have been using this secret for years, to keep their clients looking smokin' hot even when they are just going grocery shopping.
Tolani Scarves are a celebrity favorite.

This is a great, transition-to-fall, outfit.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jeans For Cool Moms

Jeans For Cool Moms

I feel blessed to be living in a time when being a mom means you can be as hip, cool and attractive as you want to be without being judged. Today's mom is often as youthful, smart, and sexy as she is nurturing, kind and protective.

Taking care of our kids and our families will always be our top priority but most of us are committed to looking good while doing it.

Being a denim lover and a mom, I feel offended when people call high waisted ill fitting, corny jeans, mom jeans. You never see hottie moms like Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez or Kelly Ripa in jeans like those.

Naturally, many of us moms are too conservative to wear extreme low rise jeans that leave little to the imagination . Thankfully, many premium jean makers are making sexy, mid rise, head turning jeans that fit great and make our kids and our partners proud to be seen with us. Though our family members love us unconditionally, they are usually happy when we look good and feel good about ourselves.

You also don't have to be a size zero to find great fitting jeans or to be a hottie.

Jean Suggestions for Hottie Moms

James Hector

Joe's Honey Curvy fit (skinny).


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Folks Still Fanatical About True Religion Jeans

The makers of True Religion brand jeans are not feeling the pinch of the worse financial times in recent history. True Religions stock went up whopping 77% since January while overall apparel sales went down 5%.

What does this all mean?

It means that people are still willing to spend upwards of $180 for a pair of jeans that they consider an investment as long as they look great. People also appreciate that they can wear denim during the day or in the evening, dressed up or dressed
Click below and use coupon code to shop for True Religion Brand Jeans.

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